Banyan Tree Pilates and Yoga - Pilates & Yoga

Welcome to our special studio on Boca Grande!
Open to the Community...No Membership Fees...Professional & Certified Instruction
Massage Therapy Available Monday through Sunday in our beautiful private room

Banyan Barre Fusion classes starting soon

Group Reformer Classes all week

Beach Yoga on Thursdays, 11:15am w/ Janet
we are planning classes through April!
Weather permitting, colder weather ok!  Layer for comfort...bring a large beach towel or thin blanket, water bottle and sun protection...mats are not recommended. $10

Full Class Schedule and Registration: Click Here
(Please note: Once you purchase a package online, you will still need to "sign-up" for the class you'd like to attend, always call us if you have any questions  thank you.)

YogaFlow class with Janet Meredith
Tuesdays    4:00pm
and Thursdays   9:15am
Notes from Janet...
"Yoga is educated movement that heightens vitality in the body. In this class, we'll flow in a sequence that focuses on structural alignment while weaving together the importance of connecting breath to maximize strength, flexibility, + stamina. Allow yourself to experience a calm mind and overall awareness, class is recommended for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. Music played, modifications offered, + smiles encouraged."
Gentle Yoga  Wednesdays  4:30pm ~  YogaFlow  Saturdays with Maggie at 9:00am

Nia Classes Banyan Tree
Wednesdays at 10:00am for $10
Bring yourself and a friend!
Open your heart to dance and move with ease to beautiful music w/ Nicole Reuss, a WhiteBelt Nia Instructor
Dress in comfortable fitness clothing,
 No shoes!

$10 Classes for Pilates Mat, Banyan Ball, Nia, Yoga and Martial Arts
with a 20 pack purchase, this pack will also allow you to pre-register online.
Click Here to view class schedule and register online


Please consult your physician before exercises or if any particular nutrition/exercise tip or video conflicts with any medication or the mechanics of your body due to surgeries, injuries or disorders. 
Remember: Pilates should never be painful!
Some expected muscle soreness may occur.
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